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A Tragic Misquotation


My morning mug of coffee is telling me “With God all things are possible.” I know this is true because I am writing this first draft at 7:30am with my coffee sitting beside me.

For about a month now I have been telling myself that I must get out of bed earlier and start taking advantage of every minute of the day. It was not happening. It seemed that 8:00am was the earliest time my body could feel awake and even then my body usually fought me until 9:00. I was getting lazy.

So I did the most proactive thing that I could think to do. I bought a new coffee mug. Now, I may have over 10 coffee mugs in this apartment already, and since James and I haven’t even touched our coffee pot in about 8 months you think that would be enough. However, none of my other ones were inspiring. This pretty white and black mug had “Hope” written in bold letters across the front with “Matthew 19:26” written below it. On the inside lip, where one could read while they sip it reminds us that “With God all things are possible.” I was ready. I was going to start setting the program on my coffee pot for 6:00am, so James could grab a cup before he went to work too. I would set an alarm for 6:30am and hopefully roll out of bed by 7:00.


For that first month that cup looked really pretty sitting next to my red coffee maker. I continued to wake up at 8:00am or later. Never setting my coffee pot alarm.

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So Nice I’ll Say It Twice.

Might. Spears. Bloodshed. Massacres. Battles. Defenses. Attacks. Victory. Strongholds. Blood. Exploits. Valiant Fighters. Fame. Honor.

These are the lives and stories of David’s mighty men. Earlier this month we saw David’s mighty men show up in 2 Samuel 23. Now we see their stories again in 1 Chronicles 11. Some are the same, some are a little different. A different angle and some embellishments. These are such impressive men, that we’ll see their stories twice.

“10 These were the chiefs of David’s mighty warriors—they, together with all Israel, gave his kingship strong support to extend it over the whole land, as the Lord had promised— 11 this is the list of David’s mighty warriors:

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