Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Lottle. It Is Like A Little, But A Lot.

My Jim-Dear bought me a bracelet this Christmas. It does not sparkle. It does not have diamonds. It isn’t even all that pretty. I love it.

It is a “Jawbone: Up” band, one of those fitness bands, you know? It records my steps, I upload my workouts, I count my calories (sometimes), it gives me health tips. The most helpful thing it does, is that it vibrates. They call it an “idle alert”. Mine is set to “alert” me when I have been inactive for forty-five minutes. It then vibrates.

It is a helpful little reminder. When I zone out while watching TV it is nice to be reminded to just get up, walk around, stretch, maybe dance a little. My coworkers enjoy that I am always willing to run notes upstairs, grab folders, or shovel the snow. Every time my wrist feels a little tingle I am up off of my seat asking for an errand to run.

If only our spiritual lives had an “idle alert.” A small reminder to get up and move a little (maybe even dance). Just think, when you are in church, not really paying attention, you feel a small pulse run through you. You start listening, really listening, and you hear more than just the pastor speaking. Imagine when you finally have a moment to spare during your day, and you plop down on the couch and watch a TV show you don’t even care about. A small buzz. You close your eyes in prayer and finally feel rested.

Imagine you are trying to figure out what to do with your future. Where to go. What career to pick. When to start a family. A small nudge. Maybe your spiritual “idle alert” is not urging you to travel around the world, but my guess is that it is urging you to pay more attention to your spiritual health.

My guess is that we all have a spiritual idle alert buried inside of us. But just as easy as I can turn off the alerts on my fitness band, we can start ignoring the nudging we receive from the Holy Spirit. Maybe with a little more Bible reading, a few more prayers, and a lot more faith in our ever present God we can learn to respond to the Holy Spirit once again.

Unfortunately, I am a little slow and a lottle stubborn. It might take me a while . . .but it just takes one step to start.