A Time Of Peace.

Psalm 76 – The Message

1-3 God is well-known in Judah;
in Israel, he’s a household name.
He keeps a house in Salem,
his own suite of rooms in Zion.
That’s where, using arrows for kindling,
he made a bonfire of weapons of war.

4-6 Oh, how bright you shine!
Outshining their huge piles of loot!
The warriors were plundered
and left there impotent.
And now there’s nothing to them,
nothing to show for their swagger and threats.
Your sudden roar, God of Jacob,
knocked the wind out of horse and rider.

7-10 Fierce you are, and fearsome!
Who can stand up to your rising anger?
From heaven you thunder judgment;
earth falls to her knees and holds her breath.
God stands tall and makes things right,
he saves all the wretched on earth.
Instead of smoldering rage—God-praise!
All that sputtering rage—now a garland for God!

God is a warrior and He has never been, and will never be, defeated. We are his warriors and even though we will win through God’ glory and grace in the end, we will suffer hard blows and devastating defeats. This Bible passage is an encouragement in those dark times. It is a picture of the aftermath of battle with a day of peace and praise on the horizon.

Anxiety attacks. You thought you had it under control, there had been so many good days, but today you  were blindsided by the mental illness that you have been struggling through. It feels like you take one step forward and two steps back.

“That’s where, using arrows for kindling, he made a bonfire of weapons of war.”

Peer pressure. The clock on the wall never moves fast enough, the bell in the hall never rings soon enough. You walked through the school doors a confident youth, but now the words, the stares, and the expectations that are buzzing all around you is leaving you wondering if you are enough. Are you smart enough? Pretty enough? Skinny enough? Buff enough? Cool enough? and if you are just plain good enough.

“Oh, how bright you shine! Outshining their huge piles of loot!”

Work week. You work your 9 to 5 and wonder, does it mean anything? The job you thought you would love, the one you thought would be your vocation, turns into just another grind. Does the work you do actually matter? Why does your boss never seem impressed? You tell yourself the least you can do is do your job with all of your heart and be a light to others in your work place, but is that enough? You come home feeling stressed and low.

“The warriors were plundered and left there impotent. And now there’s nothing to them”

Harsh hate. You receive a phone call, an email, a message. Someone is angry at you and you are not sure why. Your accuser seems very sure of their convictions and how you are a bad person who is doing wrong. The attack comes at you strong and fierce. The words cut, and they feel like stones that can bend and break your bones. Why is this happening? What did you do to deserve this?

“Your sudden roar, God of Jacob, knocked the wind out of horse and rider.”

Relationship rut. You are not talking again. You are angry, your spouse is angry. It is the littlest things that set you off now. There are months of peace and love, but then some ugly fight begins and you are both sitting there wondering if this is worth it. Is there another road that you should take? What is there to do from here? You want to love and to be loved, but some days it just seems so hard.

“Fierce you are, and fearsome! . . .God stands tall and makes things right.”

We are constantly being attacked by this world and the lies of the demons that inhabit it. But there is a time of peace coming. There is a dawn that will bring pure and absolute victory.

“God stands tall and makes things right,
he saves all the wretched on earth.
Instead of smoldering rage—God-praise!
All that sputtering rage—now a garland for God!”

Take courage and regain your strength. We are loved by someone who never loses. His victory is one that He will share with us, just as He has shared in our pain. The things that we suffer He experienced as Jesus. He walked this world and died, He died a most painful death on the cross. Why? So He could save this wretched earth and make things right. He did it so He could give us His victory and grace and we, His warriors, will enjoy in eternity a time of peace.

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I believe that this world, like me, is falling to pieces. It is trying to find itself, rearrange itself, and establish itself again, and again and again. This blog is me, standing at the edge of a lake, casting the smooth stones to make them skip, and to create as many ripples as I can. View all posts by KrisFraser

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