Lets Talk About Warriors.

“Next! . . . Hello sir, please have a seat. I will be your scribe for today. What is your name and whose descendant are you?”

“I am Eshek a descendant of Benjamin.”

“Eshek . . .Benjamin. Good, now who are your sons. In order of importance if you would please.”

“Ulam is my firstborn, then Jeush, and lastly and least Eliphelet.”

“Thank you. And is there any legacy you wish to be noted?”

“Yes!! Of course. All of Ulam’s sons are warriors, very brave warriors. They are all skilled with the bow!”

“Alright that should be all. Next!”

“You got the warrior part down right? Ulam’s sons. All of them!!”

“Yes, yes. You are done. Next! . . . Get a job as a scribe they said. Do work for the genealogies they said. It will be fun they said. No one said anything about everyone wanting their family to be written down as warriors. . . . I said NEXT!”

“Hello sir, please have a seat. I will be your scribe for today. What is your name and whose descendant are you?

“I am here representing the descendants of Asher, the heads of the families, and the choice men of those families.”

“Yes, yes. I have notes that they could not all attend. You have a previously written list?”

“Yes, I do. Our family scribe has it written out.”

“Yes yes, Asher, Beriah, Heber, Japhlet . . . looks like everyone is listed.”

“Any legacy that you wish to be noted?”

“Yes. All of us are outstanding warriors. Very important men and leaders, but most importantly warriors.”

“Yes, yes . . . warriors all of you. Next!”


Ah, the genealogies found in 1 Chronicles 7 and 8 bring us to our next warriors. I will spare you the lists of names and their legacies. It seems that the most important legacy that these families had noted in their genealogies was if they were warriors. There are a few cases where it tells of misfortune or where the families lived, but mostly it listed the number of the fighting men or to say that they were brave warriors.

When people ask you what your parents do, what do you tell them? What makes you brag about your family? What do your parents brag about when it comes to you? It seems that unless someone is enlisted or was enlisted in the military, which is great, thank you for your service! You deserve to be bragged about, but unless someone is actually enlisted we do not seem to brag about anyone being a warrior.

I encourage you to take a look around. Look at your family, your friends, and yourself. Do you know someone who is constantly hitting their knees and offering praying for those around them? You should encourage them and boast in the Lord that they are prayer warriors. Have you seen someone who seems to be able to shake off negative feelings and dark thoughts? Have you seen them combat through a hard time to come out the other side stronger in the Lord? Tell them that you see them as a brave warrior and do not be afraid to mention it to others if it comes up in conversation.

There are brave spiritual warriors all around us. There is a brave spiritual warrior in is. It is time that we boast in the Lord and encourage one another to find our fighting strength. I dare you, tell someone you appreciate their warrior spirit. If you cannot think of anyone right now, then I dare you to keep your eyes open. You will start to see warriors in those around you. If not, then maybe it is up to you. Start working on your spiritual fighting skills and be proud of being a warrior.

Dialogue. A Weekly Writing Challenge.


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