Now I lay me, Down to Sleep.

Do you ever have dreams where you can’t run away? I have heard people discuss how they have had bad dreams where they try to run away, only to find themselves unable to run, or they can only run slowly and sluggishly.

In my dreams I could never seem to fight. Running was never a problem, but there have been a few nightmare situations where I find myself trying to throw a punch, only to have my arm feel like rubber. My fist will land with soft thud as my arm refuses to cooperate. I would wake up sweating with the most awful feeling in my gut. I was helpless. I was weak. I was unable to defend myself.

This dream problem became even more frustrating when I took up kickboxing. I had finally learned how to throw a punch, and a kick to boot! I was ready and excited to show my next nightmare bad guys what I had learned.

I had been in my kickboxing class for over a year. My instructors have been pleased with my technique and my strength. No one wants to be paired with me when I come in and state that I am looking forward to this, I had a stressful day. My bad days really come out in my punches.

In my dreams, however, I was still helpless. I would still wake up feeling desperate and weak.

Until last night. I had a dream. It was a pretty strange dream, a little hard to explain. It started out alright, as most nightmares do. I was at a Bible camp and so was my hubby. The main part of the dream was when James and I went for a stroll and ended up in a weird part of town. We walked past this house like building that had some sort of concert going on in it. Inside we found ourselves in a crowd of costumed people, one group in particular took notice of us and started talking to us. They were dressed as demons, but seemed friendly enough. We talked as we tried to find our way out.

As we got closer to the door we had found the conversation turned more and more sinister. The main demon started making sexual comments, to both James and I. He reached out for me, so James stepped in my way. We took a couple of steps backwards out of the door to find ourselves in a back yard with a steep rocky wall our only way out. No quick get away here. This demon then reached out to grab James and that is when I remembered that I know kickboxing. I shoved the guy, he swung back, but in a matter of seconds and a few quick punches I had him staggering. I kept swinging elbows until he was not moving anymore. The rest of his group staring in shock. We turned and ran.

The dream continued, but into more stressful situations. I eventually woke up. I still had that nightmare knot in my stomach. I still woke up feeling scared. However, I was no longer helpless. I was no longer weak. Well, I guess I am still weak, but now I know that my God is strong.

For a while now I have prayed over my sleep. We have been sending up prayers before we close our eyes for a while now, but lately I have been praying for better sleep. For protected sleep. There are nights that are frightful and fitful. I barely sleep. I toss and turn. I dream dreams where I am helpless. My nightmares turn weird and sinister.

Do you have restless nights? Has your sleep and your dreams become troubled? I encourage to pray, or to keep praying, over your sleep and over your dreams. We constantly hear that we should give our days over the Lord so that He may watch and guide us, but how often do we think of giving our sleep over to him? I learned “Now I lay me” when I was a child. As adults, why does it seem that we lose that prayer. We have all of these other concerns and joys on our minds to pray about, and we should pray for them. But maybe, just maybe we should remember to pray that God “may keep me safe all through the night” as well.

Now I lay me,

Down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

And if I dream, of demons tonight,

be with me, all through the fight.



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I believe that this world, like me, is falling to pieces. It is trying to find itself, rearrange itself, and establish itself again, and again and again. This blog is me, standing at the edge of a lake, casting the smooth stones to make them skip, and to create as many ripples as I can. View all posts by KrisFraser

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