Better For The Breaking


I am who I am, because I was who I was

There are no regrets, the what if’s left behind.

I am pressing on, dancing after the rain.

Without the dark clouds, there would be no silver lining.

I gave up before, now I gave it all up

At that church, I dropped my darkness to the floor.

I hung up my hurt, my pain on the cross

The scars on my wrist, are now faded and gone.

I am still broken, but now I am better for the breaking.


About KrisFraser

I believe that this world, like me, is falling to pieces. It is trying to find itself, rearrange itself, and establish itself again, and again and again. This blog is me, standing at the edge of a lake, casting the smooth stones to make them skip, and to create as many ripples as I can. View all posts by KrisFraser

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